Success built on joy, clarity and confidence is waiting for you

Master your business, marketing & mindset in the High Vibe Society


HEY friend, I see you

You are not alone on this incredible business journey. I have your back and totally get where you are right now…

  • ready to launch your new kick-ass business but aren’t quite sure where to start...hhhmmm
  • already well on your way to world-domination but are feeling a bit stuck, overwhelmed or ready to take it to the next level...
  • you’ve realised your own mindset is working against you - blocking you from stepping into your light and living the successful life you know is waiting for you (I hate this cause you should know you are bloody brilliant!)
  • ready to be inspired and motivated in the loving embrace of a bunch of other incredible ladies like yourself

hey I'm Sally

I'm a South African raised Yorkshire Lass who is addicted to popcorn, netflix, cups of tea and super-charging the success of female entrepreneurs!

Having spent seventeen years in senior marketing roles at international corporates, managing multi-million pound budgets, winning international clients, hosting lavish events, and working fourteen hour days for months on end - something had to give.

Cue a burnout of epic proportions that lead me to pack in the corporate life and set up my own marketing consultancy.

That’s when things got reeeeally good and it’s been an incredible seven year journey that has brought me here today, helping my fellow women in business start and scale successful businesses with joy, clarity and confidence.

Ready to take a peek inside the High Vibe Society? Yay – this is where it gets good!

I’ve designed three very special ways we can work together to help you master the skills you need and to fill every stage of your journey with more joy, clarity and confidence.

sound familiar?

Days spent feeling overwhelmed
Hours spent trying to find answers
Clients who haven't seen you yet
Glasses of wine consumed in panic

Put all this behind you with the High Vibe Society